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So hella Funny!!!

I spotted a few of Simpsons-related materials:

1. "Now Homer, don't you eat this pie!"
2. A talking pie (Homer wanted to make a movie about a talking pie)
3. Dental Plan!!!!

Great job, man!

Just too funny!!

Man, that was a great Apple parody.

I also like the way you drew Anakin Skywalker. Looks like a South Park version of him.

whoa, dude!!!

Dude, that movie was disturbingly harsh! Kind of cheesy, cuz the Nintendo system told the kid to kill! But at the same time, it's a pretty good movie!

It's another one of those stories where a kid had a really shitty life, then comes to the point where he finally snaps (look at the flash "No Remorse"). Those stories are quite impacting, and you can learn from them (not to say that violence is the answer, but that there are kids out there who need love and friendship).

That was great!!

Hey, dude. Let me just say that I'm actually Chinese, and I enjoyed that (mainly the song, although I kinda disagree on that "Up to your knees part", cuz I'm actually 5'8. hee hee).

Short, but funny shit!

Oh, man! That's just sooo funny! It would be great if you used actual voices from actual people, but I like how you used the Stephan Hawking-type voice for that story (sounded awkward though when he said "Will you have monkey sex with me...RAISIN clock?"). Overall, that was funny shit. Keep up the good work. Make part 2.

P.S. What clock was that at the end? Looked like some sort of cheese. (Cheese clock?)


Dude, you should seriously work for Family Guy or something.

Not too shabby, man

This makes a great trailor. Are you planning to make a full action-packed flash film in the near future? I suggest you should. (and please, no Steven Segull or Van Dam.)

Nice how you used the "Ghost in the Shell" theme for the music.

Can't wait to see the actual film.

Arrrrgh!! Must....resist.....temptation!!

Well, at least listening to the robot sing is much better than listening to Limp Dipshit. All hail the Detrimental Robot!! Long live the king of Rock and Robot.

523fnord responds:

With a name like Crackattack, you know he's got to be a Wise Sage. The DeRo declares you King of Canada, and every citizen of Canada your slave! (Offer takes effect the day that all humans admit that the Detrimental Robot is their new god.)

If you drink, please don't drive.

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