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I have to agree with everybody else who've reviewed you...if you want to make a tribute to the late, great Dimebag Darrell, then PLEASE make a flash that's related to Dimebag (either Pantera or Damageplan-related content).

If I were you, I'd change your comment and just say that this is your first attempt in making a HIM music video (because that's how I see it). HIM is a great band in my humble opinion (to each his own), but if you wanna express how much you miss Dimebag (we all miss him very much), then please do it at the right place at the right time.

Super Duper Funny!!! But.....

Hey hey, man!

I can relate to those two guys. I'm in a band right now, and I REALLY do wanna make the band well-known. We recorded a year ago, but we didn't start gigging until this year.

Anywho, VERY funny stuff. But WHEN are you gonna come up with a SEQUEL to this??? I'd like to see what happens next to these two.


Wow...the wild side of The Beatles.

This is without a doubt the best example of Dark Humour! You take a catchy song that sounds so happy, and mix it with graphic, violent animation and turn it into something twisted.

Again, Dark Humour at its best.

Great, but one question.......

Would you mind if it was a hot woman masturbating? I mean, come on....every guy should at least love THAT!!

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

No, not at all. All hot women, feel free to masturbate.

What a Bitch!!!

That woman is such a bitch. She doesn't realize that all Tom is doing is telling the truth. I used to listen to Tom Leykis until he was cancelled in our country. I hope Tom's doing well these days. Continue to spread the word of Leykis 101!!!

Wow, so that's how you all look like!!

Ha ha we finally got to see how you guys look like. I though Eric's hair was way longer, though. And also, I thought Ben was Chinese!! LOL!

Awww....No more RAB?

Damn, man, 2003 was the year of the Retarded Animal Babies. What a way to finish off the series. It's unfortunate that you can't make a New Years Eve episode of the babies. That would've been sweet.

Wow, it's so random that.........

Wow, this show was so random that it was way more random than Arfenhouse!!

Awesome movie!!!

Hilarious how Jo's the only normal guy in the whole group.

I love the Gremlins 2 spoof at the end.

Hella funy for a GOOD reason!!!1111!!!

It made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that doesn't mean the animation is bad!

That was some kick-ass animation, especially how you animate Joseph!! I bet this movie took you a very long time to make!

Oh yeah, it's funny also how everyone was totally fucked up....EXCEPT for Joseph!!! He was the only sane person in the entire movie!

Can't wait for part 3. Hope we have more unexpected things to be thrown at us.

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